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Bathroom Remodel - Demolition

I have been busy on the weekends since last week. I've spent four weekend afternoons so far to gut everything there is in one of the bathrooms except for the Windows. I still need a couple more afternoons to finish up the stripping and doing minor repairs (water-damaged floor board, etc).

The house was build in around 1954 or so. There were two unexpected challenges while demo'ing the bathroom. One was that the three sides of wall underneath the bathtub tiles were about 3-inch thick motor + cement with chicken wire. The other surprise was that the bathtub itself weighed tons, because it was made of galvanized steel (or steel).

I posted some photos showing the wall demo and the bathtub removal. The bathtub was so heavy like at least 250 pounds, I had to use an angle grinder with metal blade to cut it into four manageable pieces. Yes, that was a lot of work, too. It was smart thing to protect myself with 3M respirator, ear plugs and a pair of eye goggles.

This photo was taken after all tiles and the walls underneath the tiles were removed. Previous owner used chicken-wire mesh and 3-inch mortar and cement before adding tiles. I had to strip all tiles first and then use a hammer drill to break apart the cement wall inch by inch literally. The Makita hammer drill broke down so I had to get another hammer drill to finish tearing down the cement wall. All the debris were put into 12 contractor-grade trash bags. I think the total weight was no less than 500 lbs. This was really a lot of cement and mortar for one bathtub's walls.

After removing cement and mortar debris, I was able to wiggle and move the bathtub finally. Of course, I did detach the drain pipes first before moving the bathtub.

The bathtub was over 250 lbs at least. It was made of steel or galvanized steel. I decided to use an angle grinder with metal blade to cut it into four manageable pieces.

On the bottom of the bathtub, there were engravings showing the manufacturer and the city, date and serial number of the bathtub. It was made on 11/25/1958 in Richmond. I suppose it is Richmond, California. Wow, this steel bathtub has been in existence for 60 years!

I spent another hour to finish cutting up the steel bathtub into four pieces. Each piece weights about 70 lbs... much heavier than the standard 45-lb bench press weight.


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