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A great hardwood floor refinish example

The author has finished a really awesome hardwood floor refinish project pretty much all by herself. I am so inspired and motivated by this blog author's success. I have similar problems and plans for my own home's hardwood floor. This blog article gave me some good directions and expectations in realistic sense on what a home owner can do.

Hello world, welcome to Repair History site.

Hello world! I plan to add tips and history of my own repair endeavors on this blog.  I have had only plans to perform the repair from small tasks to lengthy projects only in my mind for years. Recently, I started taking on home improvement projects more or less seriously. I started reading blogs, researching how other home owners and pros handle their tough problems, and got more and more involved in my own home repairs. Just like so many of you out there, I learn as I go. DYI projects come filled with humbling experiences, indeed. Well, that's it for now. I hope some of you find info you see on my blog useful. Thanks!